Mind blowing ways to earn free bitcoins online

Now a days Bitcoin is one of the fastest growing and highly trustable digital currency. Many people not aware about how to earn bitcoin and search online to get information.

Let’s look at the end the good features of Bitcoin

  • Its decentralized

  • Easy to set up

  • Fast

  • Transaction fees are minimal

  • Transparent

You can read what is bitcoin and how it come into existence then you can go ahead with this guide and learn what all ways to earn bitcoin.

Earn bitcoin in many ways

1. Earn Bitcoin by completing tasks on sites

There are few websites like








which gives you chances to earn bitcoins for free by visiting these websites and completing the tasks like clicking on advertisements.

By doing task on websites you can’t make huge money but at least start getting few cents on each task.

2. Accepting bitcoin as a means of payment

You can create a bitcoin wallet through


.  T

he bitcoin wallet accepts money in Euro or USD. Once any payment is made it converts into the exchange value of the denomination used.

If you have used other digital wallets available, it will be easy for you to set up this wallet too.


Earn bitcoins from interest payments

Once you have some already earned bitcoins then you can  use it to earn more of it through lending them to your known people with interest rates and pay back duration etc.

Also, another way to do is through Peer to peer bitcoin lending websites like



where borrowers in need of bitcoins publish their requirement.

It’s like lending your bitcoin into various loans hence mitigating the risk of being at loss or bad debts. The only caution to follow is go through trusted websites only.

4. Earn Bitcoin from Mining

Mining is one of the basic and best way of earning bitcoin but before start earning bitcoin let’s  know what bitcoin is.

Bitcoin  mining is process where  miners use special software to solve math problems and in exchange they get certain number of bitcoins.

For more detail and to understand in simple term you can watch

Bitcoin basic information.

You can use








website to do bitcoin mining and start making money online.

5. Earn Bitcoin by getting tipped

This is another way of earning bitcoin and here you get bitcoin


or being helpful.

It is similar to getting bitcoin as payment but in voluntarily. so in order to access bitcoin you should have wallet and QR code with bitcoin address.

Many website like WordPress plugins sites, NGO sites or free resources sites you would have seen donate bitcoin option like below.

6. Earn bitcoins through gambling

Gambling is way to test your luck and if your luck always with you then you can try same to earn bitcoin.

So if you win in  game of gambling then you will earn bitcoins and if you loss then you need to pay whatever you have.

You can check






sites to earn bitcoin as gambler


7. Earn bitcoins through trading

Tradding is not same as gambling and you can earn bitcoin through arbitrage where an asset is being bought and sold immediately.

However, the challenge lies in the transactional value which is built up due to currency exchange. To start with the better way is through Bitcoin StackExchange.

You can also opt to buy bitcoin at a certain value and then keep it to sell it for a fiat currency and then buy more when the prices are relatively low just like trading in shares etc. we do.

You can use









nd if you are  indian then you can use





8. Bitcoin games

There are many games available online like

The Block Chain Game


Bitcoin game list

etc. which can make you earn bitcoins.

So hopefully this way give you interest in making money . You just need to play your interesting game and make money online.

9. Earn bitcoins as regular income

In this type of earning the payment for any work done through a full-time job, freelancing or part time the payment happens through bitcoins. There are many websites who pay you through bitcoins for work done.

You can use




site pay you as bitcoin for any freelancing job.

Hope you like all above ways of  earning bitcoin and start making bitcoin by choosing any of the way.

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