Bitcoin Jobs for May 2018

Edit ethereum exchange script – 30/04/2018 07:43 EDT

4 days left


I have uploaded fork delta exchange script to my site:
[url removed, login to view]

here is forkdelta exchange source on github:
[url removed, login to view]

here are the changes i need to the script:
– google form that goes to me so that people can apply to add tokens

– the ability for me to add tokens and delete tokens that are currently listed. When people submit the form to add tokens i need to be able to add the ones I manually approve. I would also like to delete many old or scam tokens from the list.

– my own coin on top of listings and replace the current default to my own. When you go to the site now it goes to [url removed, login to view]!/trade/DAI-ETH as default trading pair. I need this changed to my own token. in the drop down bob theire are the long list of tokens I need mine to be on top of this list also

– I need the ability to add my token (default token as a trading partner against other tokens and these trading pairs have 0 fees. so firstly the current default token is DAI lets use that example and instead of my token eth or DAI/ETH have the option of DAI/my token and i should be able to add this trading pair option for any listed token allthough it will be nor more than 3-5 tokens. Tokens traded against my token will have 0 fee (only gas fees if needed)

-trading pairs of takens against my token will be on top of all other listings. So it will be my token/eth then the other tokens that are pared against my token then all other tokens/eth

-make a few changes to the look and feel (change color etc). Need to change the color a little but and their are a few overlapping issues if you see in the site that I would like fixed.

– if possible change the smart contract used so that fees etc can be changed. I wish for fees to be lower than currently and that fees to be paid directly into my ethereum address


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