A Sustainable Future: How This Renewable Energy Company Found the Perfect Sidekick

Choosing the best social networking management tool isn’t easy– especially when you’re merging teams and developing a completely new strategy.

Yet that’s precisely what Siemens Gamesa, a renewable power supplier, needed to do once the wind energy businesses Siemens and Gamesa merged in 2017.

The recently created Siemens Gamesa supplies wind power methods to people around the world, and supply alternative energy solutions like storage, hybrid and solar energy.

Siemens Gamesa has effectively been involved in the 3 regions of the wind power business: onshore, offshore and repair. They’ve installed products and tech in over 90 countries and have built up a group of 25,000 employees.

Then, when they embarked on the quest for a social media marketing tool, they needed something which supported the whole company yet was flexible enough to allow them start small.

We spoke to Susanne Adam, the Senior Digital Communications Manager who shared the facts.

Trying to find The Main One Throughout a Merger

Choosing the best tool is difficult in the best occasions. It’s even harder when you’re handling the merger of two companies. The recently born Siemens Gamesa wasn’t discouraged. The marketing team was determined to obtain the right social networking management tool.

But, to add in an extra challenge, both Gamesa and Siemens teams were using different tools…

At Gamesa, the communication team didn’t make use of social networking management tools. The only real thing within their arsenal was Brandwatch for analytics. Siemens labored with Hootsuite as well as used Brandwatch for analytics.

Therefore the new marketing team had to locate a tool that suited everybody’s needs.

Taking the initial step

Before beginning the search, Susanne and the team conducted a business audit to determine what they needed.

“First off, we conducted essential analysis for the company. According to this analysis we did online investigation for available tools.

We summarized all things in a study (as a whole we checked out four different solutions) and rated the various systems.”

They approached the issue systematically because they wanted to avoid an over-engineered solution with a lot of features.

The best tool needed to be lean and versatile. It’d have to provide the correct amount of features but have ample room for growth.

Because of the audit, they understood precisely what they were searching for:

“We were searching for any lean tool to make our way of life simpler when planning, creating and publishing our social networking content.

Having a small team – two global social networking experts and a number of regional experts – and very little time to create a new joint social networking strategy, we wanted a fundamental selection of functions, easy-to-understand application, and all at a reasonable prices.”

They found everything in Agorapulse.

Blowing your Competition Away

The Siemens Gamesa team tested out a couple of tools before committing. It didn’t take long for Agorapulse to come out on top.

“When we tested Agorapulse, we instantly loved the intuitive and clean user-interface. It offered what we were searching for, matching our needs perfectly (quantity of profiles, team-setup, listening, content scheduling, support, and training).

Therefore Agorapulse rated number 1 within our requirement analysis and also the cost performance ratio was unbeatable.”

Did the Honeymoon Period Last?

When you initially start using a tool, it’s pretty easy to be seduced by it. It’s happened to all of us before…

However, that initial burst of joyful consumer experience doesn’t always last. That’s why i was eager to determine if Agorapulse consistent in its customer approval.

Siemens Gamosa have used it for a year now and appear pretty happy with the outcomes.

“In January 2018 we began using Agorapulse. We had no issues starting out with it, and manage our social networking activities without effort. There were no difficulties that couldn’t be helped by a quick tutorial on the site.

After feeling 100% confident with the machine, we trained and on-boarded additional regional and press-team people in March 2018. In our next step we added regional profiles to be managed by regional social networking experts.

Within a couple of weeks, we were able to set-up Agorapulse, onboard team people and expand the profiles with only minimum effort.

Agorapulse helped us considerably increase support and engagement on all of our channels from suppliers.“

With stellar feedback that made us blush just a little, we wanted to understand one further factor.

We asked Susanne what the team’s favorite reasons for Agorapulse… and, well, read read her answer for yourself.

“We greatly appreciate the support and video lessons Agorapulse provides.

In addition Agorapulse is continuously developing additional functions, for example, personalized login or advanced LinkedIn management, and you can always see what’s coming up within the features overview.”

Hearing this made our engineers pretty happy!


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