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How It Works:

This is how the system works for each level. When you make your position purchase starting with starter level, you are giving a $1 gift to each of the 5 levels to start earning within that position. Once you receive your first gift you will then move from position #1 to position #2 within that starter level for that particular member sale. You have a choice to wait until you build up your funds or you can go ahead and start your gift for the next higher position level.

You are only allowed 1 position per box level which gives you the ability to earn at a lower income bracket as well as a higher income bracket at the same time and still only advertise one link.

The great thing about this website is, that when you purchase a position your position is locked. In other words if your upline gets people to sign up for this business you get credit as well and payed. So you get payed by people you referral and the some of the people your upline refers. So if you are terrible at getting leads and your upline is good at it you will get payed by the work your upline does.

Also you can advertise your own products and banners on this website to get traffic to your products or offers.

As for support the admin Marcus is very reachable. He responds real quickly. And also shares with you strategies on how to promote and how to build lead pages or capture pages. I have had Marcus on my email list for a while he is very good at getting traffic. He has a unique way of getting it to which is different from the norm.  Support is great you can also email your upline via email they share there strategies on how to promote as well. There is alot support in this system.

My dislikes are I wish there was more products other than advertising and banners that they offer. But thats about all i dislike about it.


Watch This Video For More On How it Works


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