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We often get asked the question: Why Purchase a Bronze and Silver Subscription?

In this MoneyLine News Flash¬† we are going to cover the SIMPLE NITTY GRITTY Why’s of Why You want to Purchase the Bronze and Silver Subscriptions. (This is part 1 of 3 segments, with Gold, Platinum, Diamond and Double Diamond to follow.) Before we cover the Why’s below, let’s FIRST Keep in Mind the reason for Purchasing a Subscription in MoneyLine is to create TRAFFIC, and Build a LIST of CONTACTS for You from every corner of the World at a VALUE that is UNMATCHED ANYWHERE ON THE INTERNET Today! Your MoneyLine is a Global Single-Line List of Traffic Leads/Contacts that builds and builds for you every single day with Fresh leads; and continues to do so, building for You more and more VALUE Ongoing!!

Why? You want to Purchase aBronze Subscription

The most obvious, outside of the many benefits listed on Your Dashboard (via the FAQ Button) for You to Review, is the VALUE for the ONE-TIME LOW PRICE! A One-Time $20 USD. If all You EVER accomplish is get even (1) good networker/sale from anywhere in the World out of MoneyLine it was worth the One-Time $20 USD. That could happen today or a Year from now, You never know… That one person You meet could change Your Life forever in many different ways!! That chance alone is worth a One-Time 20 Bucks. Just think … people stop at convenience stores everyday and spend 20 Bucks on things like coffee, alcohol, cigarettes, lottery tickets etc … and where do any of those things get you after that day? A One-Time 20 Bucks in MoneyLine can Reward You over and over for a LIFETIME!!!

Why? You want to Purchase a Silver Subscription

Main Reason to Purchase a Silver Subscription is SEPARATION PERCEPTION from the Masses! What does this mean? Everybody is going to Purchase a Bronze because of the ONE-TIME Cheap Price Point, but the Masses will then stop at Bronze after dipping their toe in the water, because the Silver Not Only requires an additional $50 USD, but is also a Annual Subscription and not a One-Time Purchase. Therefore, by You purchasing a Silver, You are sending a message of perception to the MoneyLine Prospects that You are a Long-Term Business Person by having a Display Ad Now, and that You are Not just a Toe Dipper afraid of an annual commitment Bottom Feeding off the MoneyLine.

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