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What You Should Know About www.onlinetrafficnet.com

The website www.onlinetrafficnet.com is really just one of the many, many lead generation websites out there, however, unlike the competition, it is practically free. For a lifetime membership of $12,95 (and you never have to pay anything again), you can get access to thousands of fresh leads that are only a few days old.

But you might be wondering how it is free and why it is free…

The service is free because you can earn your five dollars back if you refer someone and that referral enters his email and other details. The money is sent directly to your PayPal account.

You don’t need to pay to join our affiliate program and make some cool cash, it’s FREE – just get your affiliate link HERE.

All of the leads on OnlineTraffic.Net, though, are in the business opportunity niche, which means that they are people who are looking for ways to make money online.

While we are not sure if they are willing to spend money on membership, we are sure they are serious enough to provide other details like their names and address.

You can see that there are different types of leads and some are even phone verified. What you want to do with these leads is use the system on the website to email them with your business opportunity.

You do NOT need to worry about paying for hosting, auto emailing service, and domain name. Online Traffic has in its system an automaker that is easy to use. You just need to click on the different categories of leads and send an email to them via the auto mailer on the website.

Now you might be wondering, can you really make money off this system? Yes, you can, even if you are an absolute newbie. We, at Online Traffic Net will also provide information on how you can make at least a thousand dollars in days. And if you are up for earning some serious cash, you could also learn how to make $3,500 with only 50 or so leads from the database.

So, when you are ready to make serious money online, head out and join OnlineTraffic.Net now. Of course, you should take the time to see how everything works before doing any work.


Let’s face it, no matter how good your opportunity or product is, you are not going to make any sales and build your opt in list if nobody sees your offer.

That’s where Online Traffic Net comes in.

Not only do we provide you with targeted quality Business Opportunity Seeker leads for a VERY small onetime-payment, we also provide info on how to use them.

Great leads coupled with a great offer equal success.

Just included: 140 SUPER HOT prospects every day!

These super hot prospects are primarily from the US, Canada, Australia and the UK (80% US)

Also included: 100.000+ BONUS email adresses every month!

(Real opt-in leads that are interested in your business. All leads include: full name, email, and address)  

Also included: 15.000+ BONUS email adresses every month!

(These Leads have been producting Good Results! Leads Updated Monthly)  

Also included: 10.000+ BONUS email adresses every week!

(These Leads are collected on a weekly basis. Leads Updated Every Week)

Also included: 900+ BONUS surveyed leads every week!

(Home business opportunity survey and phone verified leads. Updated Weekly)

Also included: Lead formatting software!

(FREE software to customize the format of your lead files)

BONUS 1: Send to 1000 random leads using our new online mailer – find out in members area!

(You can send email ads to 1000+ random prospects every 24 hours using our online mail system)

BONUS 2: “Secret” system to make $1000+ in days with free leads – find out in members area!

(Learn how to earn $3500 in a 3 weeks using only 20 – 50+ leads from inside the database)


My Review:

This is a very short review because I think Allan Karson said it all in his explanation of the product.

I have used Allan Karsons products in the past, this product does deliver fresh email leads daily.

I started building a huge list from this product and it had a good delivery rate and open rate on SendGird.

When I say huge it was about 25,000 my list was big, I would take advantage of this product.

It got my webpages known which was awesome.

So I believe it does deliver a good email list, as for hot leads thats a different story.

But I guess if we make our post or videos interesting we will get sales.

This is my 2 cents on this product check it out for your self.


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