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You might have seen Trafic ZIon in the last couple of days and must be thinking what the heck is Traffic Zion?

What is Traffic ZIon?

So Traffic Zion is a software app that you can use on your windows desktop and Mac PC via virtual desktop

It’s created by Demetris Padadopoulos aka Dpapa and Alek Krulik   which went live on the 7th of January 2018

And Traffic Zion is a simple to use software that allows you to get consistant FREE Traffic using the wordpress platform.

And this software is great for those who are using wordpress and it allows you to generate traffic through what’s called tags, which are basically keyword that you use on your blog.

It’s really easy to setup you just set it up and the software works etically and follows all the guide lines for wordpress.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to generate free traffic  

  • Newbie Friendly


  • Can be easy to become overwhemed  

  • need to watch training 

What’s The Prices?

There are 3 up-sells, at the time of the review

  • Front end – Basic version is $24 which can be used on a single wordpress site

  • Pro Version – $27 which is the pro version and I highly recommend the pro version if you decide to add more word press sites later to the software you’ll be able to do so.

  • Oto 1- ZION Tribe which is $37  – This helps you quickly get more traffic and engagement with other Zion members which I highly recommend, even if you have a new site with no traffic, this can help give your site more juice.

  • OTO 2  IS Demetris inner circle which is $67 – This is for those of you who would be interested in getting coaching from someone who is experience with internet marketing.  I highly recommend this as this can help get you expert knowledge and a chance to work with someone.  

Final Thoughts Traffic Zion.

So my final thoughts about Traffic Zion, it’s a great software that allows you to generate traffic to your wordpress blog from other wordpress members it allows you get more engagement which is really important in getting your sites to rank in google and Bing.

And this software is great for anyone looking for free traffic methods to generate more engagement to your site.

And if you purchase Traffic Zion through my link I got some exclusive bonuses available that are just exclusive to this product online


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